Why you are fat

There are a few good answers and many bad myths about being fat and unhealthy.

I will list some of the more frequently heard myths and some practical true answers.

1. The main reason why people are fat is that they have lost muscle tissue. Muscle metabolizes calories. They lose muscle when they do not exercise their muscles. On average people lose a pound of muscle per year after age 25. People become less physically active after age 25 and because of the lesser active lifestyle they lose muscle. For every pound of muscle they lose their metabolism drops at least by 5 calories per day and that neans at least 1800 calories per year. Those 1800 calories per year are equal to half a pound of fat.The way to prevent the loss of muscle is to do exercise.

If you have already lost a lot of muscle, you will gain a lot of fat each year. If you have lost 10 pounds of muscle, you will gain AT LEAST 5 pounds of fat per year. To stop gaining fat you must first build back the pounds of muscle that you had lostand best a few pounds more so that you can lose fat faster. If you then maintain the muscle by exercising on a regular basis, you will be able to keep your metabolism under control.and not gain any more fat any longer and you will be able to actually lose fat and keep it off.

The big problem is that the building back of the muscle that has been lost requires exercise and people have a lot of good intentions to do regular exercise, but only 8% of all people have the discipline to start and stay on any exercise program that will last to the end of their life. People buy exercise equipment and do not use it, they join health clubs and do not go. They get personal trainers and stop again after only a few months. Yoga classes, Pilates classes, aerobics classes, you name it and people will fail. So what is the answer? The answer is to choose a method of exercise that requires the least amount of discipline to do every day and to keep doing it forever to improve your health and slow your aging process. Exercise does not only solve the fat problem, it will prevent many illnesses and make you more fit for life.

So what is the kind of exercise that the average person will have enough discipline to do for the rest of their life? It is the kind of exercise that requires the least amount of time to do. If an effective exercise would require only one single minute per day than 99% of all people would have enough discipline to do it. One minute does not require much discipline. But unfortunately there is no such thing as a one minute exercise that has any meaningful results. BUT SURPRISINGLY THERE IS A 4 MINUTE EXERCISE MACHINE THAT PRODUCES VERY IMPRESSIVE RESULTS. The results are so impressive that Special Forces Military have purchased these 4 minute exercise machines to replace their regular exercises that require as much as 90 minutes per day with only 4 minutes on these machines. So one might think now that everybody in the World would want to own such a 4 minute  exercise machine. The problem with that is that the 4 minute machine is very expensive at $14,615 each. Not exactly something that everyone could afford. But surprisingly it is the least expensive way in which to exercise because of the low cost of time and the extreme durability of the machine in that it will indeed last a life time.                               

2. Being fat is a reliable sign that people are not exercising to take care of their health. People are not interested in doing preventive maintenance to maintain their health as long as they have not lost their health yet.

3. People become very interested in
preventive maintenance by the time their health is in need of repair. That is a bit late, but not too late. A lot can still be done with a very simple personal health improvement plan.